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Beauty & the Beef Seminar
Beauty & the Beef Seminar

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Beauty & The Beef

Earl & Chie

  • Owners of Ratio 1:1 Fitness, Sir Camelot Distribution
  • Highly Recognized and Awarded Bodybuilding Competitors
  • Multi Certified Fitness Trainers

Top Masters N.P.C. competitor Earl “Sir Earl” Bell and top N.P.C. International Figure competitor Chie “Figure Prodigy” Terui share a relationship that connects multiple facets of life; career, financial, home, and family. Over there years together, they have watched other couples and individuals grow a passion for the sport of bodybuilding and the fitness industry, only to be let down by the small amount of financial reward many of them found. The dream of big contracts, world travel, large homes, and fancy cars unfortunately, becomes a reality for only a small percentage of competitive athletes. Most become discouraged, but due to their passion of the sport, now look for alternative financial means through promoting, personal training, and gym ownership. Here again however, they usually start far too late or make crucial mistakes.

In their dual 60-90 minute seminar “Beauty and the Beef”, Earl and Chie teach the audience the ways they have grown their brands, businesses, and relationship all while still pursuing their dreams of being Pro’s. While their experience has come through the world of fitness and competitive bodybuilding, their unique insight and journey filled with ups and downs allows them to speak to a variety of audiences. Both couples and individuals can glean important knowledge and lessons from this seminar, and apply it in their own lives any number of ways.

As a couple, Earl and Chie have found a balance to become successful in business together. They have helped guide each other toward their dreams. They have learned to build on each other’s strengths, therefore to strengthen each other’s weaknesses. They have not always come out on top, but together, they have created a lasting foundation from which they can always build.

Topics Covered:

  • How to make it in the Fitness Industry as a couple
  • Branding yourself
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Becoming a great personal trainer
  • And so much more