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Against The Odds Seminar
Against The Odds Seminar

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Against The Odds

Earl Bell

  • Owner and C.E.O. of Ratio 1:1 Fitness and Sir Camelot Distribution
  • Winner of the 1994 Illinois Championship Lt Heavyweight and Overall Title

Earl grew up on the tough streets of the Englewood neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. He was raised by a single mom, and faced all of the challenges along with the pitfalls, that come along with growing up in a disadvantaged area. From getting into trouble and being put into juvenile detention at age 12, to fathering a child at 14, not to mention only completing an eight-grade education, Earl’s path was not headed in the right direction. After finding work as a mechanic, Earl worked hard to make a living for himself and his family for nearly a decade all the while knowing he didn’t remotely have a passion or interest in his line of work. Along the way he developed a true love for weightlifting and the sport of completive bodybuilding.

With a new found dream he harnessed his abilities and talents to climb the ladders and become successful on nearly every level of the Industry. He has been an N.P.C. judge, promoter, trainer, along with becoming an award winning competitor himself. All this from a man whose mother was told when he was only six weeks old and had severe pneumonia, that his physical growth would be stunted, that is, if he pulled through. Earl managed to change his path, get married, start a business, and find success, only to have it all stripped away through bankruptcy and divorce. He has long since risen again from those ashes, and has once again found success in both business and in his personal life.

Earl has accomplished so many things in his life and has done them all, “against the odds”. In his 60-90 minute seminar: Against the Odds; Earl explains in his own words the ways he has managed to beat those odds, and how the audience too can stand up to any challenge. Earl is once again successful in business, married life, and fatherhood despite not having one around in his own childhood. He can help motivate any number of groups young and old in teaching them the ways both his triumphs and his mistakes have led him to accomplishing his dreams. If he has been able to achieve this much, imagine what may be possible if you can eliminate only half of the mistakes.

Topics covered:

  • Fulfilling your dreams and goals
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Teenage parenthood
  • Rising from the ashes of hardships
  • Starting your own business from nothing
  • And so much more