About Sir Camelot Distribution

Mission: To promote and distribute only the best quality products and services available in the Fitness industry.

Sir Camelot Distribution is a Chicago based distribution company founded in 2014 by Earl “Sir Earl” Bell. The company began as a way to help promote and distribute the brands and products he and his partners had already established. Together with the team at Chike Nutrition, Sir Camelot Distribution is working to expand their product lines not only though out the Midwest, but across the country, and around the globe. The combined efforts of twenty plus years in and around the fitness and bodybuilding industries, along with the desire to develop and create good, low cost, but effective supplements, has brought us to this point.

As we grow as a company, we have, and will continue to keep a watchful eye on this dynamic and ever changing industry, and look to help build on it with honesty and integrity. With the “cookie cutter” gyms, and 100’s of supplement choices that have continued to flood the market in the last few years, our vision remains: to deliver only the best. We have several new contracts and product lines that we plan to roll out in the coming months, into 2015, and beyond. We appreciate our local customers and clients, and wish to thank them for their continued support. We are here to serve our clients, vendors, and partners, but most importantly, our customers.

Here at Sir Camelot Distribution, we strive to deliver only the best quality services and products that are available in the Fitness industry. That is our code and our main philosophy. As Earl himself says “We will always only sell products that we use and believe in 100%.” So again, from all of us here at Sir Camelot Distribution, Thank You for your support, and welcome to a new beginning.