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Earl "Sir Earl" Bell - Earl started his career in the fitness Industry in 1990, cleaning the floors and equipment of a small local gym for a free membership. Since then, he's accomplished every level in the fitness Industry, ranging from N.P.C judge, promoter, trainer of other competitors, and a state winning competitor. Earl dedicates the majority of his time helping others achieve their goals, as a certified trainer, owning a fitness studio (Ratio 1:1) since 1999. To contact or follow Earl on social media, visit his website at www.sirearlsworld.com.


This brand Represents Earl Bell, born and raised on Chicago’s south side. A world ranked bodybuilding competitor and business owner for over 20 years. It’s Branding Includes:

  • Shop for products and nutritional supplements tested and approved by Sir Earl's World Nutritional Supplements
  • Motivational speaking
  • Seminars
  • Clothing
  • Lifestyle and Workout DVDs